July 26, 2012

Early morning at Redmires

Yesterday the clock woke me at 4:00 and it was time to take the bike to Redmires Reservoirs, I wanted to get there before the sun rises, which it does 0500. I wanted to be early on the spot to try to sneak me in the golden plower, but once in place it was only to find that they were not even there: (and also that there were 3 sheep farmers who went through all the fields and scare all the birds while they gathered all the sheep: ( So it was just move on, I decided to photograph morning dew and other things that were highlighted nicely by the rising sun. The morning was really hot around 20C and humidity, appeared to be a fine day. Went on down to the reservoirs to look for birds, middle pond had a whole flock of gulls nesting on the beach, also saw the typical species that tends to be there. On the way there as I passed the rabbits I took the opportunity to take some photos, got lucky that the white rabbit came up and ate, it's really cute. Then suddenly when I was down at reservoirs the fog came out of nowhere, then I decited to go home. It was now at: 08.30. The great day that was promised it disappeared completely in the fog.

Click the picture to enlarge it.


  1. Ååååå så fin, den med "röda solen".. :))


    1. Kul att du gillade den ;)
      ha det gött