May 5, 2013

Early morning at Redmires

Couple of days ago, I was away up to Redmires reservoars an early morning.
I had read on the Sheffield bird study group that the cuckoo had been heard there and since I've been waiting for it to appear, I neeeded to go there.
Why early morning then, well, it is most active then and it's easier to get close to it because it searches for food on the ground.
So if you are lucky then you can try to plan how it will fly around the area to seek food and wait for it in one place, but unfortunately,  this morning it didn't seek for food :(
I guess it's because it can not hide among the small trees up on moorland because there are no leaves on the trees yet.
So it's probably a little timid still, it is only the male in place so far, but the female will probably get there aany day..
So I had to go and shoot some other stuff insteadit was full activity in the fields and forests.
Pheasent's were arguing with each other, rabbits running around, and the birds was singing. It's really great to be out early in the morning when everything wakes up.
Red grouse enjoying the morning sun

Lapwings playing

Karate Pheasant

Little wild rabbit

Meadow pipit


  1. Så fina färger i fotona. Roliga fasaner, undrar vad de bråkade om :)

  2. Fina bilder som vanligt brou, kul med lite pippi fight! :)

  3. Ahhh. Den där första bilden. Där allt går i olika toner med röda inslag. Mycket trevlig bild! / Deerhunter

  4. Vilken härlig blandning av bilder du bjuder på. Ser ut att ha varit en mycket trevlig morgon.