May 10, 2013

Sometimes you're lucky

Yesterday it rained and blew all day so I was not so eager to go out and take pictures.
But I like to take pictures of wet birds and animals, because they can look so fun out with wet fur or plumage.
So yesterday I was fortunate because a jay landed on the only branch of the tree outside my window which is without leaves and right in front of the window 6m away.
So it was perfect, I can be indoors and shoot soaked birds, the only problem is that I have to shoot through a window with double glass and rain drops on it, but it went pretty well, I think.
Jay is really one of my favorite birds, I've always liked their colorful feathers that glow blue, and because they are not easy to get close too, it becomes a little more sport then to get good pictures of them :))
I also had the good fortune to shoot a wet Carrion Crow in the same place, it must be something magical about that branch :)
Now I'll  get out in the rain and trying to take pictures of ducklings which I saw yesterday down in the Rivelin Valley.

By the way if you are interested in Pilgrim Falcons, here is a link to the Pilgrim falcons in Sheffield. The chicks were hatched yesterday so it might be fun to follow them.


  1. Stackarn va blöt den va :)
    Ibland får man ha lite tur, fina färger!

  2. Hmmm vet inte om min kommentar försvann....så du kanske får två :)

    Toppenfina bilder på nötskrikan! och så underbart grönt ni har! :))

  3. Kalasbilder på nötskrikan!

  4. Very nice, are you considering a career doing this?

  5. Härlig serie bilder på sen blöta nötskrikan, gillar verkligen den sista bilden. Där den tittar upp och uppgivet funderar på när det skall sluta regna.


  6. Thank u all for your comments :)
    Howard: No this is just a nice hobby :) but I'm in some photo contests.