May 8, 2013

Bank holiday Monday

On Monday (bank holiday here in UK) me and my wife went off for a 18km hike that began in Logde Moor and then towards Redmires Reservoirs and then a side trip to Stanage Edge and back.
The weather was fantastic, 17C and a lovely warm sun, and it seemed almost the whole of Sheffield was at Stanage Edge. I have never seen so many climbers there, like yesterday.

During the walk, we managed to see a bit more unusual birds as Dotterel, but I had only the wide angle lens on so there was no pictures taken. Another unusual bird, Ring Ouzel, I was looking for didn't make an appearance as there were so many climbers on their nesting place. There are signs saying you should avoid climbing at some spots, but people do not seem to care :((
The poor fellows are probably very stressed, but this amount of people is very very unusual.

Anyhow, I have swapped my old 10-24mm wide angle lens that I could only use on D90 (crop camera) to a 16-35mm f4 suitable for a the 3Ds (full frame), and I'm incredibly happy with it.
Have only had time to try it twice but compared to the last one this is So much better. This might be also due to a change to Nikon 3Ds which is a professional camera and can handle different lighting better.
So now I've completely switched over to full-frame and can avoid carrying two cameras with me.
Here you have some photos from Stanage Edge..

Trying to take off but a strong wind make him

to fly in to the stonewall, he was not injured :))


  1. Den svart vita var läcker, molnet såg "elakt" ut på fint sätt!
    Hahaha voi den stackarn som krascha in i stenarna ;)

  2. Fina bilder från en vacker plats! Läckert att klättra på bergväggen, men så synd att inte förbuden respekteras...

  3. Grattis till utrustningsuppgraderingen! Jag känner oxå att den i s/v är vass, fin-fin gråskala där. Din kraschbild påminner mig om den gången en luftballong nödlandade i åkern nära vårt hus. Ingen skadades då heller, men oj, vad hästarna blev skrämda. Vi båda tycks senaste tiden träffat på en del oönskade mänskliga aktiviteter i naturen... / Deerhunter

  4. Nice compositions, it was a lovely day wasn't it?

  5. Kul med nya prylar! Härliga bilder, håller med de övriga om bild nummer två men tycker även tre är riktigt vass.


  6. Thank you all for your nice comments :)

  7. Vill också prova!!

    Gillar också den ruffiga miljön som du lyckas så bra få på bild! Tycker 2 och 3 blev riktigt bra!

    1. Tack Martina!
      Visst skulle det vara kul att prova på, men nja litar inte på såna grejer riktigt ;)