May 23, 2013

Lake District NP Road Trip

Last week was my little brother and his wife here on a visit for a few days.
We had decided that I would show them the Lake District NP which is about 3h drive north towards the west coast.
We started early to avoid the worst traffic, but despite that, we got stuck in queues at Manchester, but it took maybe an extra 30min which is not so bad when you sometimes have to queue for hours.
Once in the Lake District we drove first a mountain pass down towards Ullswater situated nicely between the mountains, we could still see snow in some deep ravines on the mountain but there were also fresh snow on the peaks.
We had a really good weather because Lake District is known for its rainI've heard somewhere that it rains about 2000mm per year and 200 days a year. :))
We then drove on towards Keswick which is a small town surrounded by mountains and water, really nice and very touristy with lots of outdoor shops and pubs.
After lunch, we took one more mountain pass (Honister Pass) it was very steep and the poor little rental car had to fight but it was worth it because it was really nice up there.
Then we continued on towards the coast to a place called Mary port where we stopped and took a little walk and then again continue toward Lake and through it towards the largest lake Windermere and further home. We were home by 20:00 so it was really a long great day.

Today I got my new screen a Dell Ultra Sharp 2410 that has received really good reviews for its price range, and I can only agree it seems to be very good.
I have calibrated the screen with a Spyder pro 3 but I'm a little unsure about the colors so if someone has a calibrated monitor i will be glad if you can let me know if the colors look strange. :)


  1. Låter som en mycket intressant dag och vackra foton som har fina färger på min skärm:-).

  2. Jag tycker att färgerna är riktigt fina i alla fall!
    Var en rolig och lång sväng i en härlig natur!

  3. Vilken härlig dag i vackert landskap! Jättefina bilder också :))

  4. Kul att du fått En ny skärm. Härliga bilder från lake district. Var där för ca 9 år sedan kommer ihåg att det var vackert. Gillar sista bilden som påminner mig om de små vägarna i bergen.


  5. Jag tycker ni verkligen har det alldeles härligt i England. Vilken fantastisk miljö ni får tid att uppleva!!

  6. Sista bilden är verkligen fin! Känner att jag direkt skulle vilja hoppa på motorcykeln och åka runt på era vägar!!

  7. Härliga vyer och mycket vackra bilder! Njuter :)
    Hälsningar Halina

  8. Tack så mycket för era kommentarer ;)