May 30, 2013

Lake District Weekend, Scafell Pike

I'm continuing with the last part of the weekend and today was the day we would hike up to England highest peak.
The weather was absolutely wonderful with not a cloud in the sky apart from far out at sea, but we were hoping that it would stay there.
We went away with the cars to where we would start the hike but before that, we stopped at Wast water to take some pictures of the calm water.
Arriving at the parking lot about 09:30 so we just had to take the boots and some comfortable clothes and head out.
There were already many people on the site, so it would probably be pretty much congestion along  the tracks.
We set out towards the top and looked forward to a nice walk in the nice weather, but we were barely halfway through when the cloud front from the sea had come in and the peaks were hidden by the clouds.
We hoped that it would get better weather later, but the higher we got, the worse it was now the fog was so thick that we could hardly see anything at all.
We had no compass or map, which is incredibly stupid of us but we were confident that we could find someone who had it and in the end we found a couple who were also a bit lost in the fog and they had a map and compass.
But the funny thing was that the old man was completely confused which turned out that he could not read a map and compass :)) so i showed him how to use it.
The fog disappeared after half an hour and we could now follow the trail to the top, the hike was not as tough as I had imagined.
It sure was a steep climb almost all the way to the top but since it only took 2.5 hours so it was like the whole was over too quickly.
Enjoyed a moment at the top with a beer, which my wife had brought up and it tasted wonderful, we got many envious looks too :))
Now it was overcast again, so we started to descend into the fog again, and halfway down it was sunny again.



  1. Fantastiskt vacker natur och underbara bilder Jani!!!
    Carolina Häämäläinen

  2. men sååå vackert!! Ser väldigt likt ut som i de svenska fjällen. Lite kul med gubben o kompassen, bra att ni kunde hjälpa varann :) och jag kan tänka mej att det var gott med en öl på toppen!

    Du frågade om vi får körsbär på vårt träd och ja det får vi :)

  3. Så fint! Lite läskigt att vara vilse i dimman men man möter alltid nån förr eller senare, skönt att engelsk natur är lite mer begränsad tycker jag :)

  4. Låter som ett litet äventyr ;O) Skönt att dimman lättade, fina bilder blev det i varje fall.


  5. Äventyrsklättringen var för enkel trots att ni kunde gått vilse i dimman och klättringen tog bara 2,5 timmar?! Men det är sant, ni hade ju proviant med och kunde stått ut nån dag extra... Men ingen rolig känsla att inte veta var man befinner sig. Bilderna där dimslöjor rullar ner längs bergssidan blev riktigt lyckade, tycker jag. Naturen som alltid överdådig i dina bilder.

  6. Tack för era fina kommentarer :)