September 28, 2012

Early morning at Redmires Reservoirs

Yesterday morning I was up early, I thought getting to the reservoirs before the sun was up.
It was a long time since I was up here, mostly I went there for now it's migratory bird times and you never know what you'll see for interesting, it may well get some rare birds too.
Well I got to the first reservoir around 7:00 and there was a lot of seagulls in the air, they usually spend the night at the reservoirs and then early in the morning they flies away. Saw a few other birders, these reservoars are popular with ornithologists, because the passing amount of migratory birds here some day can be enormous. And to see it, then it's early mornings and late evenings that is best.
But this day was not one of those days, the only thing I saw was a lot of Pink-footed Goose.
Walked around there on the trail`s and looked for something to shoot, unfortunately it seems that the birds are gone by now, or so they hide themselves only '. I read in some newspaper that the birds feathers change at this time, and then they're much shyer. Went and checked for water voles but did not see them either, so I went to the rabbits and they were there, so I followed them for a while. But now the sun began to be too high in the sky and the clock approached 13:00. So i decided to go home.

Photo equipment I used this morning was the Nikon D90 and Nikon 200-400mm f4 lens and a monopod. This combo gives with the camera's DX crop (1,5) sensor 300-600mm F4 lens.
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Up here the autumn colous is on the way

A sheep in the morning light


Wild rabbit
Pink-footed Goose/Spetsbergsgås

Pheasant (female)


Wild rabbit

Not edible fungus



  1. En bra fotograf kommer hem med bilder även om yttre omständigheter inte blev optimala, vilket du visar här. Fasanen och kaninen på diagonalen, i höstfärger och det lugna grå i stenarna känns fullödiga. Gillar oxå fåret mot de magnifika molnen isoluppgången. Svampen ska man nog akta sig för att tillreda! / Deerhunter