June 26, 2012

Northern Sweden

Last week I was to visit my little brother, who lives up in Kalix which is in northern parts of Sweden. Would spend eight days there with fishing, photography and other fun stuff. Already the second day, we were on a pike fishing competition, which was from the boat and catch and release. We won the contest, which was our first ever, thanks to my brother's knowledge of the water.
We got three pikes with a length of 273cm average weight, about 5-6kilo.
Some evenings and nights we took the car and drove around to look for owls, moose and other animals and birds. Whats nice in northern Sweden is that it never gets dark, the night is almost as light as day.
So therefore you can easily take photos through the night which is good for most animals move at night. We found three different owls places, but unfortunately we managed  never get really close as we wanted to take some nice pictures. The owls that we found was a short-eared owl, and they can be seen chasing around noon as well. Then it was time for more fishing and this time it was my brother's favorite place, that place can really deliver large pike and there is a lot of them also and they are Large. We managed both within a half hour break our personal best, me with a fine pike of 10.4 kg and my brother of an even larger at 11.1 kg. In sweden we say 10kg pike is the Magic limit for pike.  so it was really successful. Another day we went to Jokkfall which is located about 100km north of  Kalix, the place is famous for its salmon fishing and the fish ladder that guides the salmon past the big waterfall.  In the ladder u can see big salmons swim in.  Without the ladder the salmon cant get upp jokkfallet because it is too steep approximately 15m in height of fall and salmon are unable to swim up there. In the Kalix river it usually pass about 6000 salmon if it is a good year. I Read the board where they record all fish that passes the ladder and it had only passed 51 salmon so far. That was some me and my brother had done that week, and about 5 weeks Iam going back there but this time we will go fishing for big grayling, trout, and char in finnmarksvidda (Norway).

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The moose is loose


Short-eared owl

short-eared owl
Little brothers big pike 11,1kg

My big pike pb 10,4kg :)

Little gull/dvärgmås

Little gull


Jokkfallet under the bridge

Jokkfallet from the bridge

From the bridge

From the bridge


Arctic Tern

Goosander/Storskrake (female)


  1. Skäms du för din gädda eftersom du inte har med min ;))

  2. Jo din såg ju så stor ut jämförs med min :-P
    Nej jag glömde helt enkelt bort den, ska försöka sätta in den. :)