June 8, 2012

The Mandarin Duck

Rain rain rain, well what can you do when you live in England, summer seems to rain away. But that's what everyone says, that summer in England is rainy. hopefully the autumn is warm and dry. Well now it has been raining for about a week  not constant but it feels like it, so now it was time to go out and shoot birds that have a wet look. Put on my rain clothes and went out, but once I arrive at the location that today was Endcliff park well, then its stops raining : (  not wanted that now, I wanted to shoot wet birds. As I stood there by the pond, I saw herons and Greylag Goose which was not completely wrong, I had come to take pictures anyway. But when I was about to put together camera equipment,  there was  a Mandarin landing about ten feet from me. Hooray! I think finally, I photograph this beautiful duck, it was fortunate that it was not so shy, so I could get it pretty close. Well at least 5-6m away from it. I took pictures of it for a few hours and in different varieties, and it was well about 400 pictures, now stripped to 40 pcs. Unfortunately, the wall of the pond was in the way of getting pictures from a really low level that is really nice. But I am very pleased with these anyway, I thought it was a lovely light out even it was overcast. It helped that the images had a nice light, I think, anyway. :)

Wonderful colours

Feather cleaning

Taking a walk

nice reflection

stretching the wings

Greylag goose and heron

Greylag goose


  1. Jo läckra färger på den. Den kommer från Asien, har importerats hit och sen rymt eller nån "råkade" släppa dom fria.

  2. Wow!! They are fantastic... Puss