June 6, 2012


On Monday, I was up to Redmires again and of course it was the owl that I wanted to get the picture.
Cycled there in the evening, for it is most often the owls come out to hunt. But not this evening, not what I saw in all cases, the area's large so it's probably hard to find them. But the evening gave good weather, partly cloudy with Sunbeams and warm. What I also noticed was that the small gnats had come, and they were everywhere and very hungry. Luckily I had the camonet that I could hide under.
And today I have been to a new place which is just 4 km away from me, has always wanted to go there to explore a bit so today I was there. It's a pretty big birch forest with steep rock walls, did not really know what I was hoping to run into. But once I got there I heard the cuckoo  which is always nice, so I was looking for it for a while. Cuckoo brought me into the forest full of fern-like plants, and they were quite high from 50-100cm. felt a bit like walking in a rainforest or something.
After a while I came up to the cliff edge and followed it for a couple of miles, while I was up here so I ran into hares, kestrel, cuckoo, pheasant, squirrel, woodpecker and some other few birds. After three hours I started getting hungry so I started walking towards the bike. But while I was walking through the dense ferns I saw something, that was a few meters away behind a small stone. It was a little Bambi :);) which pleased me since I have never been so close to a small roe deer kid, I wanted to of course do not scare it, but now I stood there, so I might as well take some photos of it. And it did not seem so afraid it was nice there and was also there when I left it. And something else that was nice in the woods was that there were rhododendron bushes in the forest that gave a nice splash of color there, a little unexpected to see that sort of thing.

Bambi :) Roe deer/rådjur


Can u see me, oh yes i can ;)

Nice sunbeam


Rhododendron in the forest


Nice colours


  1. Fin bambi!
    Blommorna längst var fina, måste nog skaffa makro :P

  2. Tack tack! Men dom här är inte tagna med makrot utan med stor as zoomen ;) Det går ju ta sig nära med en sån oxå, fast inte lika extremt som med makro!