June 13, 2012

Golden Plower And More

Yesterday I went up  4:00 and then cycle to Redmires reservoir, had no great expectations went mostly there just to see what's up. It was a nice sunrise, but after half an hour so it was quite overcast, which was a bit sad for according to weather forecast, it would at least be partly cloudy. On site, I looked after a bird that they had seen there the day before, and it was a sacred ibis is a true rarity. But no trace of it unfortunately, so I went to the place where I usually see the cuckoo up close. But it did not get to where I sat, but the cuckoo was in the area that could be heard all the time. Could not sit there in the cold and the wind so I started walking in the area, I get to a place where there are usually not so many people. because there i have better chance to see birds which is not disturbed. But now  it was so early, anyway.  On the way there came two oystercatcher flying in fairly close, so I took some pictures of them. Then went a bit further and saw a snipe flying in with their special sounds, and after a while so I come to a party with a bunch of heather fields and this is where I found the golden plower. It was a group of 10 pc but unfortunately  it's difficult to get close to these birds, partly because the national park rangers has turned off the areas where the birds nest which is good but Also because they simply are shy. Then I went around the area for a while but found nothing special so I went home again; I was at home at 10.

Golden Plower/Ljungpipare

Nice morning


Canada goose chicks

Curlew calling

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