October 8, 2017

Croatia 2017

Finally it was time for my summer vacation too :)
Croatia, where we were heading is great, and a lot of people know of that so its' getting more and more crowded and especially during summer when everybody is on vacation.
Anyway, to avoid the major crowds, we flew down to Dubrovnik Sept 10th, hired a car and drove along the coast to our summer house.
First four days we were joined by my wife's little sister and her husband who had already been there a week earlier, which only meant that we had somebody joining us for the drinks after that the building projects had been started.

We too had few days alone before my cousin and her husband joined us for some sun, drinks and adventures. It is nice and fun to show how great Dubrovnik and the Peljesac peninsula are with all the vineyards, seaside resorts and restaurants etc...
Last couple of days of vacation we were alone again discovering and hiking the mountains and walking on the Napoleon road that goes through the whole Peljesac. To be honest, think we only did 4 km (one way) but then there is more to explore coming years :)
To do the hikes and mountaineering as we did this year would have not been possible in the middle of the summer, it is simply to hot.
It was so great that we have already decided that it will be the 'same procedure' next year - summer of 2018 here we come.

I love the nightskyes there :)


Lonely kayaker

Ston walls

one of many vineyards


City of Ston from Napoleon road


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