August 22, 2012

Finnmarks Vidda Norway

Now I have come back from a week of fishing in Norwegian Finnmarks Vidda.
It was me and my brother who went off to Vidda to fish for big grayling, trout and even char. And we really enjoyed the great fishing and weather-wise, according to Sami who drove us out, it was the best week on the whole summer :)
The trip to Finnmark started 0:30 on Saturday night and then we had 7 hour drive up to Alta, which is finely situated at the end of Alta Fjord, Alta river is also known for its fine salmon fishing. We had decided that we would meet the man who is a (Sami) would drive us out to Vidda at 14.00 and the place was a few miles away, but before that we haft to disinfect fishing rods, waders and all that gear which would have contact with the water.
This is due to some parasite, they have in some rivers and they do not want it spreading further, for understandable reasons. After that we went to the meeting point, so it was just to sit in the jeep and then we went to Iesjavri it is the big lake in the middle of Vidda, it was really offroad driving over large rock, steep hills and wide open spaces, but it was a really fun experience and really bumpy. The trek was 18km long and took 1:30 hours.
Arriving at the lake, it was time for the boat that would take us to the other side of the lake, and that ride took 20 minutes on a mirror-like lake. Then it was just 5km of walk left, and it was then that it began to feel heavy in the body, we had not slept for 30 hours, that 5km took us almost three hours. Pheuuw ;) we had well tamperproof itself really heavy backpack with lots of luxury goods 3 liters wine, whiskey, canned food and other goodies that weigh bags extra. I have forgotten to mention the mosquitoes and gnats, there are many who call Finmark for mosquito hell and I can only agree to that is immensely of them up there;) but you get used to it;)
We pitched the tent beside a large lake, where the stream ran out, as the base and from there we would visit various water nearby. Fishing this week was great we could get how much grayling as we wanted, we caught nice trout and char also. Unfortunately we did not get the really big fish that we were hoping for, I lost a nice trout between 2-3kg.
But we got good food size fish that we eat every day and the best fish we came up with was the char, then trout and grayling.

That said excellent fishing and incredible weather good company and good food what more can you ask for. There is to much to write about, so i tried to keep it short.
Tomorrow I will go to Croatia for three weeks, but hopefully I can blog from there too.

Click on a picture to enlarge them! See U
Iesjavri from boat

Alta river salmon fishing

Beatiful placed Alta

The jeep and boat at Iesjavri

Brother with fish on

Good stuff ;)

Grayling sandwich

Me taking a bath in the cold water app:10-12C Brrr

Base camp, nice views

Brother with a nice and good trout ;)

Misty evening

At our base camp

Trout fillet

Plenty of paradise beaches

Cloudberrys, mums ;)


Char, beutiful and a very good fish

Bushy river edges

Trout cooked in i folie over fire ;) Mums

Autumn colours

more colours

clouds over the mountains

An old not quite seaworthy canoe that we found and used

Grayling for lunch

Near vidda, slate rock

And of course a reindeer.


  1. Jävligt vackra bilder!! Men nog fasiken ser det ut som skyphotos à la mallis eller liknande på "strandbilderna" ;)


  2. Jo det var en härlig resa men till nästa år ska den bli bättre!
    Bättre form, större fiskar ;))

  3. Malin menar du att himlen är lite blåare än vanligt eller ;) för isåfall är det sant har justerat det lite med nd grad soft filter, fråga Jarkko han vet vad jag menar med filtret ;)
    Broder: Jo det var en kanon resa, nästa år nya tag ;)))

  4. Nice pictures honey, but this it's not the whole truth?? No pictures of the mosquitoes?? :-)))

  5. Thank U Darling! ;) Mosquitos are ugly ;)

  6. Hej Jarkko,

    vilka härliga bilder! Jag är ute varje sommar på såna här resor och undrar om du kan passa vidare lite kontaktinformation till de som hjälpte er att komma ut till denna fantastiska plats? Hur mycket kostade det?


    Michael (michaelwzdulski(at)

    1. Tack Michael! :)
      Jo visst är det härligt att komma iväg på såna här resor.

  7. Great photos Jani! I'm looking for places to go kayaking (and enjoying the wilderness) in Norway and was looking for information on Iesjavri. Are these photos from the lake and would you recommend it as a destination for ~4-5days?