April 2, 2014

More pics from Yorkshire dales NP

So, here are the rest of the pictures from the Yorkshire dales NP.
What is actually about this specific national park? Its the limestone pavement on the mountains.

I think it looks pretty cool seeing such a vast area of limestone pavement, and at these the cracks between them were anything from 10 to 40cm wide and at some places few meters deep. They have been shaped by rain for millions of years. The water has trickled through the soft stone and formed this amazing landscape. At some places an alone hawthorn trees grows, which makes the place even more interesting and gives the whole area character.
In this post, there were two locations that where the limestone were, Malham cove which is basically a large 80 meter high and 300m wide limestone cliff and half way up to Ingleborough.
The Malham cove was a while back actually a big waterfall that got its water from a melting glacier, but now it's just a small stream coming out under the cliff.
There is also a pic of Ribblehead viaduct, that is on the list of statutory buildings of special architectural or historical interest. The first stone was laid on 12 October 1870 and the last in 1874. Impressive site.
Until next time, hope you are enjoying the spring.

Limestone pavement and Hawtorn tree
Malham cove

Malham cove
Dangerous place for sheep

The view from the top of Malham cove

Ribblehead viaduct

Ingleborough mountain and limestone


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