March 30, 2014

Yorkshire dales National park

Last weekend, Friday to Sunday, was spent in the Yorkshire dales NP. We have passed the area before, on the way to the Lake District NP, but this time actually stopped and explored the area.
For the first time this year we were to camp and the weather couldn't be worse. Showers, snow, hail and chilly winds, but there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing :) So in the end it was not too bad.
The list of things to do and see was filled, so we kept busy and warm.
First was the circular trail 'Ingleton Waterfalls', it's 8km of a walk along River Twiss and Doe with their 8 waterfalls through woodland and a bit on the moors. It's a very nice trail, rather easy but unique with its waterfalls as you can get Very close to them.
The trail took us 3-4hrs to walk, with all the photo breaks. And they were many because there were so many nice things to shoot ;)More on the other walks and sightseeing in the next post. Until then Have a great Sunday!

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