April 11, 2014

Some mixed pics

This time I'm showing you just few randomly taken photos from my walks.
Couple of weeks ago while walking around the Redmires reservoars I had the good fortune to see buzzards and a carrion crow fighting just above my head! Otherwise it rarely happens that I come so close to birds of prey. While there I also took the opportunity to if any water voles were to be found and I managed to see two of them. It seems as they have declined in number over the past year. Its maybe just a feeling, as I've not been there so often lately to really see all the activity.
I have also been to the Rivelin Valley and there has finally dippern come back after last year's fiasco when they just suddenly disappeared and never came back. They are busy building their nest, and I hope to later in the year get some more pictures of them.
One more thing, I found a frog that had climbed up a tree and was looked out over the water. Agree, it sound strange but it was for sure funny. Its those small things that can make the day a little extra special. 
Last picture is showing a wood pigeon just sitting in a tree feasting on the fresh leaves just outside the flat. Never seen that before :)

Have a great weekend!


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