April 29, 2014

More from Isle of Skye

So the journey on Skye continues and now we were off to The Old Man of Storr which is 'simply' a steep wall of rock that has been formed by landslip. Perhaps most famous for its strange formations of the rocks and pinnacles. Few hours here spent here trying to take pictures but as I mentioned in the previous blog the light was just to harsh. Strong sunlight and blue sky are not good for photography. Well it 's better than rain anyway :)
Next stop on the journey was the famous Kilt Rock, a sea cliff in northeast Trotternish. It's said to resemble a kilt, with vertical basalt columns to form the pleats and intruded sills of dolerite forming the pattern. There is also the Mealth waterfall that free falls 60m into the sea. After that rather quick visit, the parking was just meter away from the waterfall, we were off to The Quirang that also is a landslip. The land there is still moving, thus constantly damaging the road. The surface of the Quirang varies from the flat valleys to the steep pinnacles and cliffs. The area is said to be supernatural. It indeed amazes one greatly, who stands above the Quirang, approaching its dramatic scenery. The site is 'a must see' once on the Isle of Skye.
Neist point was the evening destination with its Lighthouse located on the west coast and the scenery is pretty amazing here.
When it got dark we drived to Portnalong located on the west coast and there we stayed our last night. There was one more thing and that was to shoot Skye famous night sky. Skye is as far away from major cities as its possible in UK, but unfortunately both the half moon and the faint aurora appeared far away in the horizon which is not helpful when we tried to take pictures of Milky Way.
Odd to complain as many would pay a lot to see aurora, but being a swede that has lived in Northen Sweden for many years. This time I just wanted to see the Milky Way :))
Still it was fun that we saw the northern lights, which does not happen too often on these latitudes. Last day, on the way home, we stopped to take pictures of 'Eilean Donan Castle' that is just few miles south of Isle of Skye. It has actually featured on couple of big movies, such as 'Highlander', the Bond-movie 'The world is not enough' and Astrid Lindgrens 'Mio min Mio'.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Eilean Donan Castle
Highland Cattle
Views towards Cuillin mountains
Neist point
The old man of Storr
Mealth waterfall fall and Kilt rock in the distance
Aurora and milkyway

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