March 17, 2014

Ice fishing

And so we continue with some pictures from when me and my brother did ice fishing one of the days.
We took the snowmobiles and drove 5-10km downstream Kalix River to a place where big perch gather during the spring.
Unfortunately, the weather was really bad, with fog and low pressure so there were no perch. If you didn't know this before, they are very sensitive to low pressure and then they just sulk at the bottom.
Anyhow, we kept trying for few hours and we got few but it they were really small. More suitable for the cat food :) than anything else. After drilling the 7th hole, we gave up and went home. It is not the easiest to drill 15cm diameter through 70ish cm blue ice.
The weather just got even worse when we driving back home, sad without the perch dinner I was so looking forward to :(

Brothers Border Collie

Border Collie puppy

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