March 1, 2014

Some pics from Rivelin valley

Earlier this week, for 3 days I had been trying to photograph the kingfisher but unfortunately without any good results. It also seems that it is about to leave the place for good, as it today did even show itself once. I couldn't either find it on any of the other ponds.
Anyhow, some good news, the dipper has come back to Rivelin! It is building the nest, and it has lots to do as it last year got flushed away. I'm look forward to taking pictures of them later in the spring and summer.
Since I have not been able to photograph the kingfisher I have tried to take pictures of other things while walking around. No remarkable images but fun to try to find some other stuff too sometimes. Spring has truly arrived quickly this year and every day the temperatures have been around +10C. Flowers like crocus, snowdrops and daffodils are already flowering everywhere and it feels incredibly good to see some green again.
By the time you read this, I'm already in Kalix in Sweden visiting my brother and his family. We're going up to the mountains and snowmobiling which will be awesome. I will try to blog from Kalix too, but no promises :)

Dipper watching their nest

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