October 11, 2013

'Quick' visit of Berlin

Last weekend I was for the first time in Berlin, with very low expectation on actually liking the city but was very much positivly surprised.
Only the inner city contains beautiful monuments, historical buildings and sites, museums etc. So much to visit and see. The aim was to visit the top ten recommended and actually made it (the feet were a bit sore) To be honest, only to visit the 'Neues museum' where they have the bust of Nefertiti is worth going to Berlin, amazing collection of Egyptian artifacts.
The whole of Berlin is a mixture of new and old from all different decades, amazing mix that absolutly gives that extra to the city. A closer look at Berlin's old buildings there are marks of grenades, cracks after bombs and at some thousands of bullet holes.
Another thing I very much liked about Germany in general, was the food :) and of course the beer. Not only had a 'Eisbein' (boiled shank) but also their country dish 'Curry würst' :)) So much like UK.
Recommend the city for sure!
Next post, back to USA and this time we are in Grand Canyon.

Brandenburger Tor

Victory Column

Ampel man

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europa

Oberbaum Bridge

Berlin Wall

Neues Museum

Berlin Cathedral

The Pretzel guy

Parliament House
Checkpoint Charlie




  1. Oj vad förvånad jag blev...Staden är lik Budapest. Gammalt och slitet!

    1. Hehe bilderna kanske inte visar riktigt den sanna Berlin för så slitet var det inte ;) Det var bara på gamla östsidan där det var lite mer slitet.

  2. Dina bilder väcker viss nostalgi. Enda gången jag varit i B var under DDR-tiden. Vår inpassering från väst gick just genom Checkpoint Charlie. Intressant att skotthålen runt MuseumInsel ännu finns kvar, finns säkert någon tanke med det. Brandenbuger ser magnifikt ut i din öppningsbild.
    / Deerhunter

  3. Intressanta bilder, Berlin verkar spännande!

  4. Tack Klas och Anna för era kommentarer :)