October 9, 2013

Road Trip in U.S, Las Vegas

Lets continue. After Yosemite we were off to Las Vegas. If took almost a whole day to get there as the original way was closed due to the fire. We almost needed to go half way back towards LA until turning and heading towards Vegas.
Although the first impression of the desert is Wow, after more or less 300km of it, it got a bit boring. Gladly some areas are higher up, so there were occational rain and also some greens such as Joshua trees, but most of the road was rather bland.
After arriving to Las Vegas in the late afternoon we took a walk to see all the famous places; the Eiffel Tower , Treasure Island, Venice, Ballagio, etc
Rather fun city if you are up for some games and a party, but all the 'Bling Bling' gets boring too after a while. Of course we gambled, and tried the 'one-armed-bandit' but after an hour trying to loose $20 (my wife kept winning) we gave up and walk on. As said earlier, a fun Party-city but it gets 'sad' with all 'over-the-top' people and surroundings.
Next blog post will again be a break from US, where I will show you couple of pics from my first visit to Berlin.


  1. Va häftigt med Vegas, färgsprakande!!
    Fontänen var säkert najs att se live?

  2. Wow vilken stad! Finare än de flesta bilder jag sett därifrån :) fångar verkligen känslan av partystad.

  3. Tack bock för era kommentarer.
    Broder: Fontänen var rätt cool den pågick länge och strålarna gick högt upp med smällande ljud ;)

  4. Läckra bilder! Påminner mig om när jag var där. Ser sig likt ut, trots att det var 10 år sedan. Du har dock bra mycket bättre bilder med dig hem än vad jag hade :0).


  5. Thank you for sharing your road trip adventures. Las Vegas is like no other and I am glad you enjoyed it. Next time, you should take a drive around the desert and even play some golf in Las Vegas if you are a golfer. The locations are scenic and one-of-a kind!

  6. Thanks for the comments!
    Olivia: Thanks for the tip ;)