September 29, 2013

Johan and Martinas Wedding Day

Before the trip to the USA now almost 3 weeks ago, me and the wife was over to Örebro, Sweden to attend her little sister's wedding.
And I had the great honor to be the photographer, which of course was very nervwrecking. It's their big day and they of course wanted the best pictures possible.
This was the first time I have done anything like this more seriously. Previously I have photographed two weddings but only as extra-photographer with no pressure on me.
Well since we got there a few days before the wedding I had time to also take few more casual photos too which was nice for me as I got to practice a little bit too :)
On the wedding day I followed Martina to the hairstylist, which took a bit longer than planned. So when it came to the make-up pictures it got a bit more stressful.
And at the time I hadn't even got dressed myself yet, and there was not much time which didn't make my nervs any favour. But everything worked out well because as a guy you don't have much to worry about, a pair of decent trousers and a tie ;) and your all set. So in the end I had time to take some more photos before the ceremony itself.
In the church, I felt calmer and photography went pretty well. I got the 'mandatory' pictures; the ring exchange, the kiss, the signing of the merrage certificate etc..
After church we went off to different places to photograph only the newlyweds. You would assume that it would be less stressful, but actually the opposite as the guests were waiting for us. We had approx an hour to take the planned picturs.

The party was a mix of Croatian and Swedish, croatian as the bride has her roots there and well swedish because of the groom as you could have guessed. It was a very successful mix.
While we were taking pictures, the guests enjoyed a Croatian wine and food tasting (Dingac, Plavac Mali and a blend of different cured meats and cheeses). 
A catering company took care of the dinner, and everything just was really well done.

When the dinner was done and the tables were cleared away, a Croatian band played live music. Croatian rock and folk song which was so much fun. Even though most of the people didn't understand the lyrics, the dancefloor was packed. Also, according to Croatian style, a whole grilled lamb was served. It had been roasting in the garden next to the venue since we came back from church. A whole Prsut was brought out with a selection of strong croatian spirits; Loza, Travarica and Sljivovica. All of course homemade in Croatia.
The party didn't end until the next morning.
So thanks Johan and Martina for giving me the opportunity to document your day.



  1. Tack Jani för väldigt fina och några väldigt skojjiga bilder! Vi blir så glada när vi kan se och titta tillbaka på vår dag! Till och med säga va tjusiga vi såg ut!! Kram Martina och Johan

  2. Tjoo brou!!

    Kan va taget av vilket proffs som helst!
    Riktigt fina, bara och börja jobba som fotograf!

  3. Verkligen fint fotat!! Bra jobbat :))

  4. Snyggt arbete, förstår brud & brudgums entusiasm. Allt utfört under ganska häftig stress och det vet jag eftersom jag har gjort ett bröllop-inom-släkten oxå. Skönt när det går vägen!
    / Deerhunter

  5. Riktigt bra bilder! Hade det varit mitt bröllop hade jag varit nöjd med fotografen ;0). Ser ut att ha varit en toppen dag och en riktigt bra fest.


  6. Tack för era fina kommentarer, det uppskattas. :)

  7. BRA JOBBAT Jani!! Sånt där skulle jag aldrig våga mig på...huuuuhhh...
    ...så jäkla fina bilder...du är riktigt duktig!


    1. Tack så mycket! Nej nog är det nervöst alltid. Gick bra den här gången :)