October 4, 2013

Road Trip in U.S, Yosemite National Park.

So, next part of the U.S.
As mentioned in the previous post, after leaving LA we were off to Yosemite NP. A trip that took around 6-7 hrs. From the beginning we were supposed to camp rather deep into the park, but due to the fires that have raged in the area we were put further south :
So we ended up in an area called Mariposa Grove. To be honest, not a bad area either compared to the previous as its closer to the giant Sequoior. Its assumed that the oldest is about 2,700 years old...?! Amazingly large and cool trees. This part of the forest has throughout the years been through many fires, but these trees are durable and except some blackened, it looked like it was feeling perfect.
We spent one and half day here. After a night sleep we hiked along the Mist Trail, that goes up to Half Dome (2695m). But instead of walking the whole 23km up to the top, we walked up to the 2 first waterfalls and it was very wonderfully that too. The first one is about 30m but unfortunately it's not that much water in the river this late in the year as you can see in the pictures.
Second one is few miles up the trail and has a fall of 181m. The entire round trip was about 11km and took us approx 5h, as we stopped a lot to rest and take pics :)) It felt so awesome to hike here, as I have seen so many time on nature programs. And now I was there, among all of these high mountains and deep valleys. But this visit was just scratch on the surface of what more there is to see/experience here. For example there are several more waterfall, higher and at more amazing scenery (if that is possible) but it was the dry period of the year :/ 
Yosemite falls with its 800m, you can imagine!
The evening was spent at the lookout point, Glacier Point, from which there is an incredible view of the Yosemite valley and the Half Dome. Amazing place to be at and enjoy the sunset.

Next, Las Vegas!!

The view of Half dome and Yosemite valley from Glacier point

The view from Glacier point

Mariposa Grove, giant sequoia

Stellars Jay

Giant sequoia

Granit rocks, half dome in the distance

A rainbow below the waterfall

Abstrackt Coyote


The lower fall

Famous view with El Capitan on the left side


Me sitting on the edge of Nevada fall


  1. Wow, häftiga bilder o fina scenerier !!

  2. Underbar natur som i Kalix! ;)
    Nä skämt åsido...Inte alls avis på er nej nej ;)
    Fin pippi och fina vyer!

  3. Fantastiska bilder. Ser överjordiska ut, svårt att tro att det är på riktigt nästan.

  4. Johan o jag sitter o dricker morgonkaffe o njuter av att titta på de häftiga vyer o fantastiska bilderna! Den med regnbågen liknar sciencefiction/dataanimerade natur affischer som man kunde köpa när man var liten. Häftigt!! Vilken natur!! Man kan nog inte tröttna på den naturen!!

  5. Big is beautiful, heter det ju. Mer storslagen natur kan väl knappast letas upp på planeten, så...Även om jag inte har utrustning som en Adams eller Weston, skulle en fotopromenad i deras fotspår genom nationalparken kännas inspirerande. Fina bilder, Jani. Jag faller oxå lite speciellt för regnbågen vars magi placerar betraktaren i gränslandet ovan eller under vattenytan.
    / Deerhunter

  6. Tack för era fina kommentarer :))

  7. Vilken natur och vilken upplevelse att vara där! fantastiska bilder! :))

  8. Storslagna bilder! Fantastisk natur som du fångat mästerligt på bild. Mycket imponerad!

  9. Tack o bock, kul att ni gillade bilderna :)