February 18, 2013


Tomorrow I will go to Sweden for 2 weeks and to visit my brother up in  Kalix (Norrbotten). Should be great with real winter, and with 1 meter of snow, the plan is that we'll try to shoot a bit of everything but I really hope that we get the opportunity to photograph the northern lights, but much depends on the weather.
We will also drive snowmobile's and maybe go out to fish, fishing  is not so funny now because of that you have to first dig through the thick snow cover and then maybe it is about 70cm ice on it, a sweaty job in other words.
Well, it will be fun anyway to visit the northern part of Sweden again.
I will try to blog from there as well but it may not be as frequent.

But in the meantime here are some more pictures of the dipper that I managed to get right close last time a was down to Rivelin. Managed to even see goosander down there in one of the small ponds and that is not happening so often, I also saw a Kingfisher but it wasnt so cooperative this time.

Camera Equipment: Nikon D90 and Nikon 200-400mm f4 lens.


  1. Wonderful pictures of the Dipper! I think you really nailed some nice ones this time, well done. I'm a bit jealous... ;O)

    I had plans to try to visit one small stream here in Sweden last weekend but due to weather and not fealing to well it never happend. Dippers are one of my favourit birds. They are always up to something and very funny to look at.


    1. Thanks Erik!
      The dippers is also mine favourit birds, and I agree that they always have something going on.

  2. Den gör verkligen skäl för sitt engelska namn i sista rutan. Har för mig att dessa fåglar kan se under vatten, så den spanar väl efter fisk att snappa efter. Dova, härliga färger. Ska väl inte dröja så länge till och vi har samma klimat. / Deerhunter

  3. Tack för din kommentar Klas!

  4. De här är bland de bästa bilder jag sett på strömstare! Speciellt de två översta har en skön färgskala som slår det mesta.
    Ha det gott i Kalix!
    / maria

    1. Tack så mycket Maria! kul att det gillas. :)