February 6, 2013

Squirrel and wide angle lens

Today I was to the botanical garden in an attempt to shoot squirrels with a wide angle lens, it can be really fun images with wide angle especially if you get really close.
And squirrels in the botanical is not so timid, so you will get really close especially if you have some peanuts to feed them with.
Unfortunately, it was quite sunny and with a wide angle lens you get  a lot of sky, too, so the contrast between the dark ground and bright sky makes it impossible to get a good exposure.
So I have tried to correct the exposure in Lightroom, which is a software for digital images but even that can not save everything.
It was really fun to shoot them so close, and they're so sweet :))
Then I passed Endcliff park and there I had the opportunity to shoot Mandarin Duck but it will be the next blog post.

Camera equipment: D90 and nikon wide angle lens 10-24mm f3,5-4,5.


  1. SÅ HIMLA "FRÄNA" BILDER!!! :) I'm speachless! :P

  2. Bara själva upplägget är ju genialt, hade aldrig trott detta var möjligt. Ettan och fyran är de som främst fick mig att krampa på golvet och leta efter syre till lungorna. Underbara bilder, kort & gott. / Deerhunter

  3. Tack för era fina kommentarer :)))

  4. Första bilden är helt underbar! En skön uppsyn, kul med nytänk och nya bildvinklar.


    1. Tack Erni.
      Kul att prova på något nytt också ;)