February 22, 2013

Some pictures from a wintry Kalix

Here are some pictures from the first few days here in Kalix.
Me and  brother went to some places to check if the dipper were in place but unfortunately it has been cold with -22 degrees so all the little streams had frozen and the dippers had fled to larger rivers like Kalix river where we later found them.
But the river is big and wide so it was impossible to get close to them.  

The weather has been very good so far with cool nights and a little warmer in the day when the sun appears.
Today I went out into the forest with wooden skis because it's impossible to get around otherwise in the meter-deep snow, it's a great feeling to glide almost silently in the woods looking for wildlife. Today I managed to see squirrel and Hazel grouse but I only had the wide angle lens with me, so no pictures today I
will try again some other day.

  -22 in the morning

Frosty birch

Fishing lures hanging from a power line above the Kalix river

Ice which comes off from pine trunk in the heat of the sun

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  1. Bilden på de övergivna fiskedragen är humoristisk så det förslår samtidigt som den talar volymer om sportfiskarens frustation när den förstått vad som hänt med kastet. Bäst att inte rycka för hårt mot den kabeln och nya drag kan alltid köpas... / Deerhunter