May 8, 2014


Last weekend was a long weekend here in England, so we took the opportunity to travel down to the south. Having the Isle of Wight as our furthest destination. The island is a very good representative for UK, as many other places. There is lots to see and do, everything from slot machines to hiking to garlic farms :)
Anyhow, back to the beginning. Our trip actually started on Friday late afternoon when we drove down to Northampton. Why there, because it close to the Coton manor and its incredible garden. A privately owned garden with a beech forest and the largest bluebell population in full bloom in the whole of UK right now. As it is private, they are actually clearing out the forest a bit so that the bluebells can grow tightly and there is not much debris in the pictures :)
Unfortunately a tripod or monopod cannot be used, and the garden is only open between 12-17 when the light is so harsh. Anyhow, it was awesome to see. 60% of the world's bluebells are here in England and they thrive only in forests that are old enough. Amazing....
After couple of hours wandering around the garden it was time to drive down to Isle of Wight. As earlier mentioned, an amazing little island just outside of Southampton. Pictures from there in the next blog....


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