September 23, 2018

Fitz roy hike, Patagonia

Not being so active here lately, but as mentioned before - too many fun things to do :) Might change now when colder/darker times come. 
Any how let us continue with pictures from Wonderful Patagonia. From El Calafate we continued our journey to El Chalten, around 3.5 hours north, to hike up to Fitz Roy, 3 405 m high. 
El Chalten is Argentine trekking capital, where the village it self is full of adventurers and back packers. Again! we were lucky with the weather as it had snowed a bit during the night but in the morning the sun was shining. Perfect for the trek that is 26km and should take about 8 h. Tough at some parts but then rewarding when getting to the viewpoint at the lake Laguna de los Tres. Magnificent. 
Enjoyed the sunny trek, and the 2 pilsner we drank at the top. Few jealousy looks ;)
On the way down we saw condors flying along the mountain sides and the Patagonian Parakit but the coolest was the Magellanic woodpecker that made an appearance with his family in the rugged South American beech forest, oh and the austral pygmy-owl with his catch. So many cool thing, I get speechless when thinking about of the views, the nature, the animal... everything
A great day that ended with some cold ones and a tasty burger.

Austral pygmy-owl
Viewpoint Laguna de los Tres
The road to El Chalten

View towards Fitz Roy
Magellanic woodpecker

Stitched Panorama of 4pics

Almost there

The desert between El Calafate and El Chalten

 Someone had fun :))

Fitz Roy from distance

The lonely condor


  1. Ser helt fantastiskt ut! Plus himla söt uggla :)

  2. Bedövande storslagen natur här!
    Trevligt med så gott om bevingade djur på ställen som annars i mina ögon ser rätt tuffa ut för fåglarna. Kan tänka mig att de gjorde vandringen lättare.

    / Deerhunter