November 14, 2013


The weekend that was , me and my wife rented a car and the idea was that we would explore the southern part of the Peak District. I have for a long time wanted to go to Dovedale it is a valley with ash trees , green hills , caves and rock formations. The place attracts up to 1 million visitors each year and is known for something called the stepping stones and it's simply rocks that crosses the river, hmm did not quite understand why it would be so well known. Maybe fun for families with children playing on the rocks . We walked the entire distance to the other side of the valley and there in between , there were interesting rock formations and caves, we did not have plenty of time since we arrived rather late in the afternoon , which meant we had no time to really explore the area but I thought it was worth go there.  Little pity was that ash trees had lost all their leaves so it looked pretty boring out where there was forest .But we managed to go the entire distance back and forth until it was pitch black and it took about 3.5tim . Must go back in the spring when everything is blooming in the valley. The second day we went to another place in the south but it will be in the next blog.

Stepping stones

Intresting rock formations

Money tree

The cave place

Stepping stones

On the other side of the valley

Nice pillar

One more cave


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  2. Fint! Där har jag aldrig varit. Det är svårt att hinna med att fota nu när det blir mörk så tidigt.

  3. Fantastiskt fina bilder! Ni har verkligen en vacker natur där och så spännande med grottan:))

    Tack för att du röstade på mej!

  4. Kanske lite avskalat denna tid på året. Men visst ser väl stället ut att ha potential. Intressant med grottorna. Undrar hur länge de varit bebodda och av vilka ? 1 miljon besökare? Kanske man måste fotografera lite off-season för att inte föra tankarna till Oxford Street, London....
    / Deerhunter