November 25, 2013

A Walk Through Sherwood Forest

Last Sunday, after spending the Saturday on the coast with the gray seals at Donna Nook, went to Sherwood Forest. Located less than an hour away, i'ts a surprise we have not been there before. The weather that day was not the best, heavy clouds and in general being very dark. Still, it's nice/good to get out.
Once at the visitor center you have to choose from three different routes, but as you know it would be not like us to take anything less than the longest ;) Which is about 6km long :))
It goes through parts of the forest that are more than 500 years old, and is thought to be one of the oldest in the whole of Europe. The oldest, as far as they can calculate, is an oak called the Major Oak with its 800 years.
The path as it's not only going through the forest, and the weather itself, made this walk and photo 'session' not particularly special. I do not really think I took good pictures this time, but its always a challange to try to capture something as a forest.

If you didn't know, Sherwood Forest is world famous as its the legendary home of Robin Hood :))

Major Oak

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  1. Det är spännande ändå med dessa gamla ekar. Klart Robin Hood fanns här :) ville åka dit i oktober men det blev inte av så lika bra att vänta till våren kanske.