November 3, 2013

British Wildlife Photography Awards

Back. Sorry for not blogging for a while but we have had visitors.
Earlier this spring I blogged about a photo contest in which I went ahead with two pictures to the final round in Habitat Category. In septemper I heard that two of my photos would end up in the book!!! Amazing! 
I didn't win with them, but I'm obviously very happy in spite of it. They would have a ceremony/ exhibition in London where the pictures and the photographers could meet, but since it was in the middle of the week and I was back from the wedding in Sweden just the night before.
Anyhow, this does definitly motivates me to continue to compete even though the results may not always be the best :) but you never know when you win big.
I am also Very proud that I could helpfriend with a picture for her PhD dissertation


The overall winner in Habitat

The Overall winner of the British Wildlife Photography Awards

Good Luck Christel


  1. Grymt roligt bror, grattis nu är det bara och fortsätta! ;)

  2. Grattis, Jani ! Bilden på haren kan jag inte erinra mig ha sett, de andra är klassiker...
    / Deerhunter

  3. Gud va kul!!! Grattis Jani!!!
    Tänkte på dig och dina bilder då de presenterade BBC Wildlife photographer of the year, kollade efter ditt namn bland bilderna, kom inte ihåg att det var Brittish wildlife photography awards.


  4. tack för era kommentarer! :))