July 18, 2013

Golden Plower

A couple of nights ago, I was off to Redmires again to try shoot Golden plower.
It was tough in the beginning they were not where I expected they would be, I was thinking if it's the nice weather that has been now for a few weeks, made them change places.
It's pretty dry in the fields and they maybe just moved to places where it's a little wetter for there it might be easier to find food.
Anyway, after strolling around the area for a few hours I started to give up hope of getting a photo of the bird, I heard that they were there because they beep quite a lot in the evenings but it's hard to see them in the tall heather bushes .
The sun would be about an hour behind the horizon, so now it was a little hurry, but when I was on my way home walking in the heather, I heard a beep that came from an area where they have burned away heather and there it was.
But now I had to get close enough to get some good pics of it, so I lie down and crawl into the heather and hope that it would not fly away, but I was lucky that the bird was not so afraid, I could lie in the heather and try to attract it using whistle.  But closer than 10m it did not come,  I was pretty happy anyway.

This weekend I will go to the south/west coast of Wales, where I'll visit Skomer island. It's a small island that is known for its wildlife, especially puffins for there is southern England's largest colony of them. There is also 1/3 of the world's Manx shearwaters, but they only come to the island in the dark hours so it will probably be no photos of them.

Golden Plower/ljungpipare beeping



  1. Grattis till fina bilder ! Trägen vinner.

  2. Fina bilder på en vacker fågel. Skam den som ger sig ;0). Hoppas du får många fina bilder från Skomer.


  3. Häftig fågel och sköna bilder. Använde du visselpipa eller visslade du "naturellt"?
    / Deerhunter

  4. Tack för era kommentarer!

    Klas jag försökte härma fågeln genom att vissla naturligt, funkade hyfsat ;)

  5. Jättefina bilder på den vackra ljungpiparen! jag hoppas få se den nu när vi åker till fjällen :)

    Ang kameran, så har jag skickat in den. Som tur var hade jag teckant 4 års garanti :))

    1. Tack så mycket!
      Håller tummarna att du kommer att få se den eller kanske ännu hellre fjällpiparen som är ännu finare.
      Ok skönt med garantier ;)
      ha de