July 11, 2013

The bike-loving city of Amsterdam

As I mentioned in the last blog post so I just come home from Croatia when it was time to go away again, but now to Amsterdam.
I, my wife and a friend of us had long since planned to go on a big house music party with about 45ooo pers so that was the reason for the visit.
Can only say that Amsterdam is a fantastic city with all the canals, boats, bridges and friendly people.
The first thing we noticed  was that it was incredible much cyclists everywhere, it was a great risk of that you could get hit by someone.
But I understand that they want to bike considering that they have thought of the cyclists when they built the roads, there are wide fine bike lanes everywhere.

Sure there are plenty of drugs and the sex industry are there quite openly and legally, that's the big drawbacks.
I mean, there's sex and drugs in other cities as well, but here it is as open as it felt a bit strange to walk around and passive smoking hashish and cannabis. And there is also all these coffeeshops where they sell drogs.
But despite the drugs and the like Amsterdam felt as a safe city with a nice atmosphere.

Canal tour boats

One of many Canals

One of many nice bridges

More canals

Red light District

The Heineken Boat :)

Evening light

Science center NEMO


  1. Det kanske inte är så konstigt när det är så lugnt och harmoniskt där :D
    Vad är det för science center?

  2. Några fina stadsinteriörer här. Älskar Evening Light. Vilken härlig plats att vara på!
    / Deerhunter

  3. Fina stadsbilder men såklart konstigt för oss med den öppna attutyden till bl.a. knarket.