September 18, 2012

Ston, Croatia

Today I continue with some pictures from Ston and Hodilje.
Hodilje village just 2 km from Ston is a small fishing village specializing in mussels and oysters, are said to be among the best in the world and I agree with that :)). It is also in Hodilje our summer cottage is located.
Hodilje set inside a long bay and has nutrient-rich water, so that's why it's good for mussel farms and the like.
Swimming and sunbathing, we usually do down at the small boat harbor which is a few hundred meters below the house, but because the water is so nutritious, so visibility is not always scuba-friendly. Therefore, we tend to make small excursions on the Peljesac peninsula to where you're out of the open sea and the crystal clear water and strangely usually much warmer water about 25C. More from Peljesac another day.

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View from summer house balcony
Window painting in Ston

A part of Ston wall
Ston and the salt ponds from the wall

 Ston and the wall

Picture taken from hodilje against Luka an another fishing village opposite Hodilje.
And some of the mussel farms between them

Old wooden door in Ston

Salt ponds in Ston and bad weather in coming

The old church in Ston, i think it was destroyed by an earthquake for long time ago.


  1. blixten lyckades du med och regnbågsbilden hade fina färger :)

  2. Man skulle ju vilja ha dessa som tavlor!! :))

    1. Hej Camilla! Om du är intresserad av nån bild så kan jag skicka det som en fil till ditt mail eller nåt. Sen så kan du ju alltid gå och skriva ut den på papper eller canvas som är snyggt också. Säg bara till ;)
      Ha d gott mvh Jani