September 26, 2012

Photos from a humid Rivelin Valley

Today I finally came out, after it has been raining constantly for days. So I have not been directly excited to go out, but today it looked a little better so I took the bike down to the Rivelin Valley. I was down here in the rain a few days ago and saw a tree with quite a lot of fungus, so I thought that I had to come back and take some photos of them, and that was what I did today. It was quite difficult to shoot them, for they were quite high up from the ground.
Then i continued walking down by the river that winds down into the valley, found more fungus that I also photographed.
Autumn said to be here according to the calendar, but it was not much trace of it in the valley still pretty green. I think the autumn colors start to come in a month.
After some hours, so I turned back, and on the way back, I saw something that moved underground. I stopped, I had my suspicions what it was and it sure was a mole. It was fun to follow it when it digs just below the ground, for it was on the hunt for worms. And the worms escaped truly in a panic when it poked its way. Sometimes it was 5-6 worms in a row that came out of the ground.
And sometimes a worm disappeared from the ground, it was like as if the mole sucked up them.

Unfortunately, it did not come up to the surface. but I managed to get a photo when it took a worm. But you can only see the nose and whiskers, I did not want to dig it up because that would not be so nice.
Pictures today is taken with the Nikon 3D`s, 24-70 F2,8 lens and 70-200 F2,8 vr2
click on a picture to enlarge it!
Shiny fungus

Fungus in a big tree

This is the tree with fungus

More fungus

The vole on the right side of the small rock ;)

Still pretty green.

Some snail

fungus on birch tree


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