September 9, 2017

Hiking in the Romanian mountains

It was a while back since I updated the blog, not really been out photographing. Although, now I have bought a smaller and easier camera and I feel motivated again to get out.
Now I also have two new interests - MTB which is really fun and the other is making knives. Besides that, I have been out fishing more and everything else too :) Well, never enough time for all the fun!

Anyhow, back to this post which is about Romania hike we did couple a weeks back.
12 good friends and two guides, one Swedish and one local. It was the first time we had guides and it was really nice as they would tell us about the area and its history. We would probably have managed without guides too - we have great map readers in the group - but Romania is a bit special as there are plenty of bears, wolfs and lynx in the area, and even angry protective sheepdogs so it's safe to have guides (they would sacrifice themselves?? )
The walks were quite demanding with up to 1200m up and then same down, ending up at peaks of 2200m. The weather was really on our side - sun every day, temperatures between 25 and 30C which of course was tough too. Loads of water is needed but there are water sources up on the mountains and it tasted good.

The first two days were hardest, with long walks of just below 20km and at high altitudes. We would be up at 8 in the morning for awesome breakfasts consisting of local vegetables, sausages/meats, fruits and loads of eggs. Coming back late in the evening with sore legs to a prepared dinner was super! The families we stayed at would make us local food - best!!
Final night we slept on the other side of the valley with only a shorter walk for 2 hours before heading back home (14h trip!! Not great)
Must be honest - I had sore legs after those three days.

Not a single trace of any predators that we so feared, which was a bit of a disappointment but on the other hand we saw the sheepdogs who were right near us at several occasions sniffing around and looking angry :) Will need to get back.

Go hiking in Romania! Lovely old forests and once up on the mountains - what views!!


Sheep dog

Draculas castle


  1. Fantastiska bilder! Vilka vyer! Och underbara hus. Älskar stjärnhimlen också.

  2. Romania looks like a nice and interesting place to visit. You took a beautiful pictures during your trip.

  3. Fina vyer.
    Du tar oss till fina platser, Jani!

    / Deerhunter