October 23, 2017

Sky full of stars (Torö)

Last week, there were perfect conditions for photography of the Milky Way.
I have never really been successful to take them in Sweden before. Mainly because it is quite difficult to find places where there is not too much light pollution, around Stockholm in any case, but also partly that its rarely clear skies during autumn.
Knowing that it's mostly summerhouses around Torö, it meant also that there is bigger chance of succeeding. At this time of the year, Milky Way is visible toward the open sea and Finland, which means that it is 'easier' to find good spots where the background is dark. Although as you can see in the pictures below, there is light from the towns along the coast anyway - Norrköping, Oxelösund, Trosa etc.
Really pleased with the result though, and the whole process of standing still and just gazing into the stars and the Milky way is quite relaxing :)



  1. Oj vad du har fångat Vintergatan vackert! Nu får vi kolla stjärnorna lite närmare nästa gång på landet för där har vi ingen belysning som stör från vägar och annat. Så vackra foton, vad mäktigt det är med en sådan stjärnhimmel. Helt fantastiska foton!

  2. Helt otroliga bilder. Så kul att du delar med dej av dem! Jag har aldrig sett en sådan stjärnhimmel.