July 17, 2016

High Coast Skuleskogens nationalpark

We spent midsummer weekend visiting my father who was staying at a camping near Skuleberget. Was a perfect match as we have for a while talked about hiking and explore the area.
During the midsummer eve we were off to Skuleskogen National Park which was established in 1984 and covers 3062 hectares. We entered the parkfrom south, since we wanted to walk through Slåttdalsskrevan, Tärnättvattnen and then a walk back along the sea. A round trip of about 12km, 4hours with all photo breaks and view gazing :)
There are two other entrees; west and north, and they are of course more suitable depending on what you want to see. You can find anything from old pine forests, amazing views of sea and lakes, high mountains and valleys. As this part has rather rapidly emerged from the sea there are more intriguing geological phenomena here than anywhere else in Sweden.