October 11, 2015

Tatra mountain hike, Zakopane, Polen

Almost straight from Sarek we were off to Zakopane in Polen. Of course for more hiking.
As you might remember we have been in Zakopane earlier, a wedding around a year back. As we at that time didnt have time for hiking it was decided to that we were just had to come back. The mountain range there is called Tatra and is quite similar to the Alps. The highest peak in Polen is Rysy with 2499m although in the whole range the highest is Gerlach in Slovakia with its 2655m.
We spent 4 days hiking. As its a National park wild camping is not allowed so we only did day trips setting of from Zakopane. It is of course possible to stay in the park but then in huts.
We climbed few high peaks, but also did some hiking in the valleys and woodlands. In some of the valleys it was possible to go through caves which is lots of fun and gives that extra adrenalin kick :)
I must admit that Tatras delivered! They were impressive and the hikes can be made rather tough as the range is rather steep. One thing I didn't like was the crowds of people. Didn't really feel that we were in the wild. Some of the peaks are so popular that you have to stand in line for hours just to get to the top.
Anyhow, after a whole day of hiking we would choose a restaurant in Zakopane and spend the evening resting and refuelling. The food and drinks (beer) were just amazing. The list can be made long; Golonka, lamb, mutton, fish, sausage, cheese and many many more :) 
Just tasty and really cheep (especially for Swedes :) )

Thanks Krystian and Kasia for the company ;)

More adventures to come ...



  1. Underbar natur, många fina bilder men tredje och sista favoriter 👌:)

  2. Så vackert, särskilt med dimman! Jag skulle gärna åka till Polen.

  3. ÅÅÅÅÅÅH, :-))))
    Det var länge sen jag var i Tatry... Härligt att läsa att du hade det bra i mitt land och att du gillade mat :-)
    oh, vad jag längtar ibland...
    Underbara bilder.
    Ha det fint

  4. Ser galet vackert ut på dessa bilder. När du beskriver dagens slit och kvällens avkoppling på lämplig - och tydligtvis även prisvärd - restaurang är det nästan så man vill dra direkt.
    / Deerhunter

  5. Så vackert!! Verkligen ett mäktigt landskap! :)

  6. Tack för era kommentarer :))