October 25, 2015

Hiking in the Dolomites

At my wife´s work once a year they organize a long-weekend hiking trip somewhere where its possible to get in 'couple' of hours (first year we moved over to UK they came over and we hiked in Peak District). Well, Why do I mention this? I get to tag along :))

This time it was 15 of us in the group ready to hike for 4 days the awesome Dolomites.

It was the second week in September and it still pretty warm considering that most of our time was spent between 2000 - 3200 m. The nights were cold with temperature just below zero, and at higher grounds even some snow. It didn't actually effect us as we were staying at the cabins.
Day One started with an 6 o'clock flight from Stockholm to Innsbruck. Finally in St.Ulrich a cable lift took us up to the mountain range and what a breathtaking views were waiting for us up there.
Unknowingly we had a 6-7 hour of hiking in front of us and at this altitude everything get a bit tougher, although the weather and the amazing scenery kept the spirits up (might have been the sweets and the energy bars too :) ).
Once we arrived, starving and a bit chilled, the amazing Italian dinner was served with a side of crisp beer. It didn't take many minutes before most of us crawled to the bed in order to rest the sore legs and recharge for the days to come.
The following days the hike just got tougher with steep climbs and sections of Via Ferrata, and on top of that the even higher altitudes. Even if this could easily broken anybodies spirit, the company and the weather kept us going with amazing attitudes and lots of encouragement to each-other.
The food and drinks, a mix of Italian, German and Austrian, just added to the energy needed for the rigours awaiting :))
What an amazing Adventure!



  1. Wow wow vilka natur bilder! Måste ha varit en resa man inte glömmer! :)

  2. Vilka otroligt fina foton Jani!! ☺️

  3. Sagolandskap! Och vilken bild pa stjarnhimlen! Den med fageln ar anda min favorit :) ser valdigt laskigt ut med dimman och de smala stigarna, men vackert.

  4. Grymma bilder...underbara landskapsbilder!


  5. Skulle tro att din fotografiska instinkt jobbade på högvarv?
    Fantastiska bilder. Personligen gillade jag 9 och 11 mest, alla är riktigt bra.
    Bussigt med där lilla repet att klänga sig fast i...

    / Deerhunter