September 24, 2015

Björnlandet Nationalpark and Lappstaden in Arvidsjaur

While driving back from Sarek we passed Arvidsjaur and stopped quickly at Lappstaden.
A Lappstad is a 'village' containing houses/tents (kåtor) near a church where the Sami people spent the night while visiting. A lappstad can also be referred to as 'Church town'. This one is the biggest and best kept in the world with its 80 houses/tents built in the late 1700s.
From here we drove even further south to a small national park called Björnlandet just outside of Frederika. We spent the night there camping after some shorter hikes, one being to the highest top in that area with an view point over the entire park.
It's a nice little park with very old forest. Some of the trees being over 450 years old. The terrain has lots of high cliffs which makes it rather inaccessible outside the paths. Something else interesting was the clear scars of several large fires in many of the old tree trunks.

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Sapmi art

Lappstaden in Arvidsjaur

Storehouse, Lappstaden


Björnlandet NP, A lot of tree lichen

Trace of wood fire

A very big larva, cossus cossus 80-100mm

Björnlandet NP

Evening light at Björnlandet NP



  1. Hur vackra färgbilderna än är gillar jag den svartvita bäst.Plats att återkoppla till sin själ, fundera ut sin roll i universum på.
    / Deerhunter

  2. Håller med Klas, den svartvita är favoriten, men alla bilderna är fina :o). Spännande med historien om lappbyn/Kyrkbyn.

    Ha det gott,