May 18, 2014

An early morning attempt

A few days ago I tried to get up early and take the bike up to Redmires reservoirs to get few pics of the Cuckoo. Unfortunately I left the flat an hour too late and by doing that missed the cuckoo that already was inside the forest. Cuckoos song is something many will recognize, but not many have actually seen it. I have been lucky to have seen many times flying around the moorlands or sitting on poles looking and waiting for the caterpillars and other delicious food. Anyway, enough about that. Will keep you posted when I make another attempt.
Even without the Cuckoo, I stayed outdoors and enjoyed the weather. Lately it has been wonderfully warm and sunny, so some photos I managed to get. So here they come.
I have 'photographers block' for the moment, hence not many blogs lately... Soon will pass.. :))

Lapwing, look how they are hiding their feet

Water vole

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