December 18, 2012


On Friday last week I went with my wife and her parents off on a road trip to Edinburgh. We've heard and read in the newspapers that it's one of the finest cities to visit in Europe.
And I must agree, there are fantastic fine buildings from the medieval and Georgian architecture.
The biggest attraction is Edinburgh castle situated on a hill overlooking the entire edinburgh a visit here is a must.
Some other places that are well visited is the National museum of Scotland and Palace of Holyroodhouse, it's the Scottish royal castle in Edinburgh. And across the street there are the Scottish Parliament with its special architecture.
From here you can then wander on to Calton hill that also offers fine views over the city and the sea but there are also some fine monuments.
From here you also have lovely view of Princess Street, which is the main street with lots of shopping and fine old buildings.
As the days are quite short in winter time so you do not see so much in one day, so this round was enough, we thought, but there is obviously so much more to see.

So from Calton hill we went then down to Princess Street and the Christmas market where we spent the rest of the evening and this we did on Saturday for Friday was mostly spent in car driving from Sheffield to Edinburgh.  
Sunday morning we went back home, but instead of the same road back we drove through the Lake District, it takes a few hours longer but is definitely worth it.

Click on a picture to enlarge them!
Edinburgh Castle from the national museum

Holyrood house

Scottish Parlament

The view from calton hill towards princes street

in the distance on left side the Castle and in the middle princes street

Calton hill in the distance

Edinburgh Castle

Christmas market on princes street

Princes street from an another view

Lake district


  1. Tja broder!
    Jo jag körde långtidsexponering i 13 sekunder, det var hur mycket folk och bussar som gick och körde förbi mig. Men tur är när man långtidsexponerar så försvinner dom rätt bra från bilden så länge dom rör sig :))

  2. Du är jätte duktig jani! :))

  3. Tack Camilla!
    Ha de bra o hälsa alla.