November 6, 2012

Frosty morning

Yesterday I set off early on, I would shoot birds at my bird feeder located in woods near Rivelin Valley.
It was still pitch black when I arrived, which was good because then I could set up the camera and camoflauge before the sun rise otherwise if you do it while it is light, so perhaps the birds not dare come forward they've seen that something is fishy.
Then I sat down to wait for the birds would begin to show up, but it took almost an hour before they came and then I had already started to freeze. It can become so when sitting still for a long time in the cold :)) It was just to pack the  stuff and go from there, I went up to a steep where I had good views of the valley, and there I photographed some leaves, grass that had a fine layer of frost on them. But I had not quite right lens to it, because I had only a large zoom with me. But I took some pictures anyway.

Photo equipment i used: D3s and nikon 200-400mm f4 lens



  1. Hoppla bara, första frosten? :)
    Fina färger i skogen!

    1. Mjo det var det nog ;) eller det har ju varit frostigt men uppe i peak district.
      Men jag behöver nog inte vara orolig för snö än i alla fall vi har ca 10 C varmt. :))
      ha d gott