November 18, 2012


Me and my wife took the train to Liverpool early Saturday morning, the idea was just to explore the city's tourist spots. The train journey from Sheffield takes about 2 hours, so it is easily done.

We stepped off the train 6km ahead of the center because we wanted to walk the sea side promenade to town which would take us to the Albert dock (harbor with boats, museums, restaurants, etc)
But having walked few km, sick of the chilly wind, we discovered that the city was much further away than Map actually said. We simply took the bus to the Albert dock, but first we went past the Anglical cathedral. And it was huge and apparently the fifth largest Cathedral in the world!
In the port area we strolled among the great architect-designed house mixed with old buildings, museums, pubs,  etc. We found the port area resemble a lot Auckland in New Zealand, especially with the radio tower in the city. The walk continued into the town and also here it was plenty of museums and beautiful old houses.

Camera i used: Nikon 3Ds and nikon 50mm f1,8 lens.


  1. Jo den var finare än vad jag hade tänkt mig, trodde det skulle vara en sliten hamnstad men där fick man :)

  2. Om den där portalen innebär att här börjar Chinatown så kunde det knappast ha gjorts tydligare... Innan jag la märke till de röda kolonnerna såg det som om arkitekturen byggts direkt på taken på de lokala byggnaderna. Ett oväntat inslag från denna del av världen, tycker jag. / Deerhunter