August 2, 2012

Morning pictures from Redmires

This morning I was awakened by 4:00 pm which is way too early, but what can you do when you want to be in place before the sun has risen. So it was just to bring some sandwiches, and then off with the bike to Redmires Reservoirs. Once in place,  I went to the middle reservoir, which has a minimum of water and wading birds, which usually go and eat by the water's edge. I lay down on the sleeping surface and put on my camoflauge and waited and waited but nothing happened in one hour. After about an hour, the birds begin to enter the sand bank, but unfortunately it was not them birds I was after that came but just ordinary wagtails. That was just to make the best of it and shoot them instead, that was pretty fun anyway to follow them because it was 4-6 wagtail chicks. They were not so afraid, for some of them landed just a meter away from me and stared at me :) Got some nice pictures of them, but after I had lain there for 2 hours it was enough, there were not any other birds. So I did my usual round first past the water voles and then the rabbits. The time was now 8:30 and it was fairly light out now which is not usually good photograph light, so I headed back home.
This may be my last blog before I go to Sweden again, I will be one week in Kalix (northern Sweden) and then a week in Norwegian Finnmark Vidda (Iesjavri). And there me and my brother are going to fish for large grayling, trout, char, so look out.

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water vole/Vattensork

Canada goose in the early morning hour

Pied Wagtail/Sädesärla (juvenile)

Pied wagtail

Pied wagtail in morning sun

some snail

tufted duck and chick

White wild rabbit

Willow tit/Talltita

Willow tit


  1. Hur kommer det sig att kaninerna är vita!

  2. Jadu har ingen aning faktiskt, det finns 2 vita vad jag har sett samma dag. Resten är bruna vanliga och dom är ca 10-20st men idag såg jag 2 vita och bara en vanlig. Så vart är resten dom kanske låg och sov eller är väldigt utspridda i området. :)

  3. Grymma bilder på sädesärla och talltita!! :)


  4. Kul att du tyckte om bilderna, är själv rätt nöjd med sädesärlan ;)

  5. Du kan väl ta nån lika snygg bild på svägerskan också? ;) Har hört at det är fotografen som gör bilden ;))