April 25, 2018

Blue Moon, Viper and birds

How about this.. cloudless skys, crispy clear March air and full blue moon..? Doesn't that tell you - picture perfect :) 
One bad thing, you have to be up insanely early to capture it while it raises. Although, as the moon moves quicker, one of the days it was possible to capture it during the sunset.

Why is it called blue moon then? Here comes an internet search answer to that - 
An astronomical blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. About 3% of all full moons are blue moon and they occur on average once every 3 years. So having a blue moon in February and March 2018 is very rare indeed. However, blue moon astrology is no different full moon astrology. There are no ancient myths or superstitions about blue moons. The term “blue moon” only appeared a few hundred years ago when Shakespeare used it to describe something that is rare or absurd.

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