June 17, 2018

Buenos Aires

It took a while to get these photos from Argentina and Chile done. No excuses actually, but I'm going to blame the refurbishment of the flat and planning of the move to Örebro. Närke, here we come :))

How did it all start - A birthday gift from my wife (how awesome is she? :))

After a 14h flight via Frankfurt we landed in Buenos Aires. My first time in South America and I was excited. The plan was to stay there for 3 nights - explore - before heading even further south to Patagonia

Buenos Aires feels like a bit European. Not that strange considering that the city was built by the Spanish, later occupied by British, and later on, the enormous agricultural exports and immigration from Europe changed the city altogether. Today city shows off with wide boulevards and impressed construction work.

We stayed just outside the center in an area called ​​Palermo. Quiet, although hip and relaxed area with lots of restaurants, bars, shops, breweries, street artists, and so on ..

The hotel had bikes that we borrowed, which was the perfect way to get anywhere in the city. Not to forget to mention that the paths were well marked and great.
The hotel had a complimentary guided bus tour too, that was the best. Quick way to get a guided overview, and gave us a hint where to and not to go back :))

Below is one of the more famous areas - La Boca - famous for its colorful houses and being the birthplace of Tango.


  1. Ingen dålig present! Coola bilder. Lycka till i Örebro!

  2. Jag får väl ta ett rejält samtal med min fru...
    Bilderna väcker lust på fler.
    / Deerhunter