July 22, 2015


We were off to New York in the beginning of July but unfortunately will not have time to show you any of those pictures yet. Just so many :)) 
I do want to show you though where we spend Sunday, fewer pictures to edit :). Beautiful island of Utö is located in Stockholm's southern archipelago, and actually one of the largest in the Stockholm archipelago. Boat over from the mainland, Årsta havsbad, takes about 40min. Once there, we rented bikes and explored. The island is full of everything from pine and deciduous forests, marshes and an amazing coastline especially on the eastern side. The side facing the open sea with its sandy beaches, cliffs and pine trees twisted by the wind.
Because it had been a bit cold and rainy we were more or less alone on the beaches, surprised? :) 
Gruvbyn that we arrived to with the boat is located in the middle of the island where the old mining and quarries are. They can still be seen scattered slag heaps. The iron mines date back to 1100s and were not closed till 1878. The shafts are now filled with water and the deepest is around 215 m deep! 
There is much more of Utö to explore, but you can go there yourself and find out. It's worth it.
This Saturday I will travel to brother in Kalix and then on to Finnmark in Northern Norway for some Char and trout fishing, and then from there to Kalix again to pick up my wife, and then on the next adventure, hiking in Sarek NP.



  1. Ser jättehärligt ut! Fina bilder som vanligt.

  2. Fina bilder från Utö. Var där för några år sedan, vi åkte ångbåt ut ifrån Stockholm tog nog 3-4 timmar, var riktigt mysigt. Utö är riktigt mysigt och jag tycker att du lyckats få många intressanta och fina bilder med dig hem.

    Ha det gott,

  3. Härliga bilder från Stockholms slärgård. Du har en fin känsla för landskapsbilder. Ser fram emot bilder från NY och Sarek :-)) Ha en fin sommar fortsatt !

  4. Du har ett späckat schema att följa, minsann. Intressanta landskapsbilder med klarhet och punsch.
    / Deerhunter