February 11, 2014

A weekend in Luxembourg

During this weekend we were off to Luxembourg to visit my wife's family. I had in advance checked out some sightseeing location so that we would have enough for the weekend.
The Friday was more or less devoted to traveling so when eventually arriving we were just hoping that Saturday and Sunday would have nice weather so that we could manage the list :) As you can hear, there was no such thing. It was windy and the rain was pouring down, actually sideways. Beside Notre-Dame Cathedral and walk by the Palace of the Grande Dukes, we did some cafes, restaurants and window shopping.
That evening I had my first ever frog legs, was a bit sceptical but they were actually really nice. Not much meat on them, but rather tasty. A mix between white fish and chicken :)

Little bit about Luxembourg, due to its laws and taxing regulations its a paradise for banks. A paradise for more than 200 banks! The population is around 100 000 but each day there are around 200 000 more coming in from rest of Luxembourg but also from surrounding countries such as France and Germany.

Hoping for better weather next time, so that I have more to show you here. The pictures that I took this time are few but well, at least something :)


Palace of the grand dukes

Notre-dame cathedral

Notre-dame cathedral

Nice chair

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